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Upcycling & ConvertArt = L.F.E.

Upcycling means creative reuse. It is a specialized process superior to recycling, aiming not only to reuse materials but also to transform them into new products of higher value. Upcycling stands out as a process for sustainable innovation, as it reuses materials, conserves resources and money, and extends their lifespan.

The goal of upcycling is to avoid the waste of potentially useful materials by utilizing existing ones. This reduces the consumption of new raw materials in the creation of new products. The reduction in the use of new raw materials can lead to a decrease in energy consumption, atmospheric pollution, water pollution, and even greenhouse gas emissions.

Convert Art is the first creative reuse company in Greece (an upcycling startup), holding a patented process from the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI). This patent is related to the processing method of the inner tube of tires. The company has received recognition through exhibitions and international awards both in Greece and abroad.

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At Convert Art, we are not just another business; we are a sustainable “solution” for many recyclable and non-recyclable materials. A testament to creativity in the face of waste. Our mission is simple yet significant: to breathe new life into materials that are no longer in use. Our goal is to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint.

We specialize in crafting unique upcycled products from umbrellas, tires, electrical materials, advertising banners, wood, aluminum, life jackets, carpets, and many other materials that we carefully select.

Convert Art has become the voice of ecological fashion, proving that sustainability and aesthetics can coexist seamlessly.


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We collaborate with businesses and professionals who embrace a sustainable philosophy, promote environmental protection best practices, and understand the value of materials. Through the process of reusing, the typical discarded materials from your company can be transformed into a unique collection with sustainable origins and high aesthetics. Contact us to choose from your materials!