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Welcome to Convert Art!

At Convert Art, we are not just a business. We are a sustainable “solution” for many recyclable and non-recyclable materials. A testament to creativity in the face of waste.

Our mission is simple yet significant: to breathe new life into things that are no longer in use.

We specialize in crafting unique upcycled products from umbrellas, rubber, electrical materials, advertising banners, wood, aluminum, life jackets, carpets, and many other carefully selected materials. Our goal is to ensure the smallest possible environmental footprint. The idea of Convert Art began in 2012 with Marina Gryponisioti, who, surrounded by discarded tires in an auto repair shop, sparked her curiosity. Experimenting, she created the first belt from a tire. Over time, old speakers turned into colorful jewelry, and Convert Art evolved, producing 60 different items and 400+ designs in 11 years.

Convert Art creations have been showcased in both large and small exhibitions and markets, such as the Athens Fashion Trade Show (2016), Contemporary Creations (2016), The Fashion Room Service (2015), and The Meet Market (2013, 2023).

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has been recognized with awards such as Top Design in 2016 and a strong nomination in the European StartUp Europe Awards in Brussels, in the “Creative Industries” category. In December 2013, jewelry made from electrical materials and handmade bags from banners were awarded in the Greek Design = Good Design competition.

Convert Art has become the voice of ecological fashion, proving that sustainability and aesthetics coexist perfectly. In the first 5 years alone, we recycled over 20 tons of umbrellas, giving life to materials that would otherwise end up as waste and protecting the environment from the pollution they would cause.

In 2021, we began exploring ways to utilize new discarded materials, leading to an innovative collaboration with Aegean Airlines, creating a series of products from life jackets and aircraft components.

As we continue our journey, our dedication to ecological sensitivity, sustainability, and ethical values remains unwavering. Each piece we create tells a story of transformation and commitment to a better, more sustainable future. Join us on this extraordinary journey toward a world where creativity meets consciousness.

Together, let’s change the course of waste.