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All Convert Art creations are handmade and unique pieces. They are manufactured from used raw materials, based on the Upcycling philosophy. They are vegan, ecological and contain no animal derivatives.

The inner tubes have 5 processing steps, so they do not smell and do not lose their color. The material is waterproof, due to its non-porous surface, very resistant to extreme weather conditions and easy to clean.

We collect the used inner tubes and bicycle tires from partner companies or bicycle shops. We clean, process and organize the inner tubes and tires in our workshop, and later begin designing the products. After the production process begins we add the zippers, buckles, and the latest touches. Lastly the products go through quality control and are placed on the shelves for distribution.

The electrical equipment is collected from old televisions, computers and other electrical appliances, whilst the other material is recyclable aluminum.